Truancy – revised statisitical guidelines from the DfE

July 13th, 2011 by Peter Oldham QC

The DfE and OFSTED use the term “persistently absent” for statistical and performance evaluation purposes.

The DfE is now revising “persistence absence” down to 15 per cent absence  from the current 20 per cent.

The DfE says at

“Lowering the threshold will ensure that schools take action sooner to deal with absence. Ministers will continue to look at the possibility of further lowering the threshold over time.

The new threshold will be published in statistical releases from October 2011 onwards, with the old threshold being published alongside it. In addition, the Department for Education will also be releasing national figures showing the numbers of pupils who miss 12.5, 10 and five per cent of lessons, although we recognise that pupils could reach this level with relatively minor illnesses. 

Ofsted will continue to take into account the number of pupils over the ‘persistently absent’ threshold when looking at a school’s performance on attendance. They will explore ways of taking this new threshold into account in the 2012 framework, which is due to come into effect from January 2012.”

Peter Oldham QC


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