The battle against school dinners: can Leon roar its way to success?

July 6th, 2012 by Holly Stout

Another furore about school dinners.  Michael Gove has called in the healthy fast-food chain Leon to report on school dinners.  The original king of school dinners, Jamie Oliver has not greeted this as warmly as one might expect.  He says “Now is not the time for more costly reports”.  This is “time for action”, but this “doesn’t seem to be what we get from Mr Gove”.  Leon will not report until 2013.  According to Jamie, Gove is endangering pupils’ nutrition, and he has predicted that Leon’s report is “destined to be ignored”.  However, Gove thinks that Leon will take the reforms instigated by Jamie’s campaign to the next level.  Current standards are still unimpressive: half of secondary schools offer pizza daily. Read more about it click here


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