Prosecuting parents for term-time holidays

October 16th, 2015 by Paul Greatorex

A number of newspapers today reported the decision of a magistrates’ court on the Isle of Wight to throw out the prosecution of a parent for taking his child on holiday during term time.  The only details available are those reported in the press, but it appears that the court accepted the father’s argument that the holiday did not mean his daughter had failed to attend school regularly.  Decisions of magistrates’ courts are not binding and of course other similar prosecutions have been upheld.  It will only be if the matter comes before the Divisional Court (on an appeal by way of case stated) or the Administrative Court (on a claim for judicial review) that the point will be decided authoritatively.

Two of the reports are in the Guardian and the Daily Mail.  (Just remember that GCHQ can probably tell which one you click on and will make a note on your file.)

Paul Greatorex

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