Don’t Punish Pupils for Parents in Pyjamas

May 25th, 2011 by Clive Sheldon QC

One school in Middlesborough apparently has a problem with parents in pyjamas: see¬†(“Head teacher appeal to school run ‘pyjama parents'”). It is reported that parents in pyjamas are bringing their kids to school in the morning, and then picking them up in the afternoon still in their pyjamas. The Head Teacher has apparently written to parents urging them to think about what they are wearing.

The Head Teacher, and others thinking of following suit, should be cautious, and restrain themselves from taking out on the children their concern over¬†parental fashion statements. Just to remind them, the Secretary of State’s exclusion guidance says at paragraph 15(f) of Part 2 that: “Exclusion should not be used for punishing pupils for the behaviour of their parents”.

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