Academies: paperwork update from DfE

August 6th, 2010 by Peter Oldham QC

From the DfE website – update on Academy formation documents which schools “are not expected to make changes to” and which they “should use”.

Any room, in any respect, for special cases? 

“Update 4 August 2010: During the passage of the Academies Act, ministers made commitments to incorporate particular provisions within the funding agreement and Articles of Association and these have now been incorporated. They are: a requirement for at least two parent governors on the academy’s governing body a requirement to promote community cohesion a requirement to have a designated teacher with responsibility for looked-after children a power for the Secretary of State to direct an academy to comply with any obligations contained within Annex C to the funding agreement, which covers SEN. The revised funding agreement and Articles of Association are available to download from the supporting documents page, along with several other updated supporting documents. Converting schools are not expected to make changes to the model Memorandum, Articles of Association and funding agreement. A number of technical amendments are also being made to the following annexes of the funding agreement, Annex B (Admissions) and Annex C (SEN). Grammar schools should note that an additional annex to the funding agreement covering grammar school ballot provisions is being developed. The final version, which schools should use, will be loaded on the supporting documents page as soon as possible.”

Peter Oldham QC


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